• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information in Hirosaki Lifescience Innovation

Hirosaki Lifescience Innovation, Inc., (hereinafter the “Company,” “we”, “our” or “us”) takes the protection of personal information very seriously and has in place the Regulations on Protection and Management of Personal Information to set out, in accordance with relevant laws and social norms, the types of information we collect, how the information is used, and the way to securely manage it. Through such efforts, we will protect the rights and interests of individuals.

  1. Personal Information to Be Collected

    The Company may collect the following types of information:
    1. Personal information: This is information that can identify specific individuals, including names, contact information (telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.), and addresses. Such information is used for the provision of product information, responding to inquiries, research purposes, and support of medical workers.
    2. Medical information: This includes information related to the use of products we offer and medical insurance. Such information is used to ensure product safety, evaluate its effectiveness, and provide medical-related information.
    3. Information on website usage: The Company will collect information related to the use of our website (IP addresses, browser types, dates and times of visits, etc.). Such information is used for the improvement of the website, the creation of anonymous statistical data, and security measures.
  2. Use of Personal Information

    The Company may use personal information we have collected for the following purposes:
    1. Provision of products: Information may be used for the shipment of regenerative medical products and the provision of relevant logistics services.
    2. Provision of medical-related information: Based on personal information we collect, the Company will provide medical-related information and information on the use of products. This includes providing information on the evaluation of effectiveness and safety.
    3. Research and analysis of products: The Company may create anonymous statistical data to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of products. It will contribute to the improvement of products and the development of new products.
    4. Marketing: The Company may use personal information to provide information related to products and other services. However, we will provide the means for opt-out, which is available at any time.
    5. Compliance with legal requirements: The Company may use personal information when needed for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and legal procedures or for the exercise of legal rights.
  3. Sharing of Personal Information

    The Company stipulates that as a rule, we shall not obtain or provide any personal information to third parties when it contains any of the following matters:
    1. Matters concerning ideologies, creeds, and religious beliefs
    2. Race, ethnicity, family origin, legal domicile, physical or mental disability, criminal records, and other matters that may give rise to social discrimination
    3. Matters concerning the exercise of workers’ right to organize, collective bargaining, and other collective actions
    4. Matters concerning participation in mass demonstrations (manifestations etc.), exercise of rights of petition to the national or local government, and exercise of other political rights
    5. Matters concerning health and medical care
    6. Other matters designated by the officer in charge of the handling of personal information
    However, the Company may share personal information with third parties only in any of the following cases:
    1. Service providers: The Company may share personal information with our service providers only if advance consent is obtained from the person concerned. However, they will be liable to process the information in compliance with our instructions and to protect privacy.
    2. Legal requirements: The Company may share personal information with third parties in compliance with legal requirements and procedures.
    3. In addition to the above, the Company may share personal information with third parties when permitted by legislation, including cases of common usage.
  4. Security

    The Company will take appropriate human, physical, and technical measures to properly protect personal information; to prevent leakage, loss, and corruption of personal information; and to otherwise manage its security. In particular, the Company will take especially strict protection measures for information related to clinical trials, information on post-marketing investigations, and other medical information.
  5. Options and Access Rights of the Person Concerned

    The person concerned will be entitled to request access to, change or delete personal information. The person concerned will be also entitled to refuse to accept marketing notice from the Company. For detailed procedures for it, please contact the following department of the Company: Business Administration Department, Hirosaki Lifescience Innovation, Inc.
    Tel. +81-(0)3-6457-9861
  6. Changes to the Policy

    The Company may review or change the Regulations on Protection and Management of Personal Information from time to time.